Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Under The Forest Canopy

by T F Parinello © 2006

Under the forest canopy I find all forms of life

Many different colors spots and stripes
Hopping crawling and slithering through
The decaying bed and the morning dew
Cool dark and moist at night
Lighter by day with filtered sunlight
What a place that leaves me in awe
Feeling out of place in this metaphor
Outside of the forest the machine it turns
Spewing out pollution from garbage it burns
People gad about like the ants beneath my feet
Going nowhere with the appointments they keep
Milling about never ever noticing
The trees abound with natures offering
More caught up in the metal and plastic
Forgetting that life itself is fantastic
Here in the forest is where I want to be
Just living and seeing and just being me
I really don't belong out there you see
That is why I stay under the forest canopy

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pieces Of My Dream
by T F Parinello
© 2006

Sometimes I feel like a jigsaw puzzle
When the picture is not yet clear
When I am all in pieces
Spread out
Not sorted
Just a smear
Searching for a union of a piece at a time
But feeling that the picture will never be mine
Bits and pieces sometimes make it seem
That there may be a picture there
The picture of my dreams
Thousands of choices to choose from
Picking from here and there
Always wondering if this is the one
Most often ending in despair
Turning and spinning desperately
To make a fit
Disappointed again and tiring a bit
I try to be persistent
Give it another try
Sometimes getting closer
But much time has gone by
Will I ever see the picture before I get old
Will I still be dreaming
When I die and turn cold
It is just a puzzle
This dream of mine
But I'll keep trying
One piece at a time